Uniyard Social Network App

A Unique Social Network Platform
For Local Students

 Uniyard provides a unique social network platform for local students where they can ask, share and sell anything.

You are new in town and have a lot of questions about student life in your town or you are leaving the city after your studies and you want to sell some of your stuff? Uniyard is a one stop shop for all your needs throughout your studies.


Exclusive Deals

For Students

Map view allows you to see the nearest discounts around you.

You can also subscribe the notification group of your choice and get the latest discounts directly to your phone.

Uniyard Student Discounts

Discover student discounts and special deals in your town.

Search and filter to find the deal that you are most interested in, and save it for later.

Wide range of choices from Cafe & Restaurants to Shopping, Lifestyle to Entertainment, and more...

Uniyard Local Events

Explore Local Events

Find the most interesting events in your town and easily export them directly to your personal agenda.

You can search events by their key words or filter them by category.


We keep the agenda always up to date to offer you variety of events, from academic to interment. You can also submit your own event via our event submission form.

Subscribe the event notification groups, and we will send you the latest news on events in your city based on your preferences.


Social Network

A unique platform for local students to interact with each other.

Map View

Browse Deals & Events by location on a map view. See the nearest events and student discounts around you.


Local Discounts

Explore student discounts or special deals in your town for Uniyard users.


Personal Notifications

Get the latest discounts and receive updates on events in your town.

Meet Our Strategic Partners

In order to maximize the productivity in our services, we work closely with other organizations who are also dedicated to deliver outstanding service standards for the same target audience.

Uniyard B.V. is a private limited company based in the Netherlands. We provide social networking services for local communities and online advertising services for businesses. Our aim is to design tailor–made social networks and maximize the social integration and productivity in a way that it serves the greater good of the society.

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